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Boost your self-esteem!

Master of City is an educational game. With each game you will gain more knowledge, which will have a positive impact on your well-being.

We wish you fun and personal development!

Meeting people on your trip

  • If you create a profile on the app, you gain access to the international Master of City travel community.
  • The app allows you to create your own public events and take part in other people’s events.
  • This way, you will be able to connect with people who are in the same city as you and arrange to explore the city with them!

Beeing part of the app

  • Every user of the Master of City app can contribute to it by:
    – rating and commenting on questions,

          – being part of the Master of City traveller community: creating a profile, interacting with other users, creating events,

             – proposing the addition of a question you have created to the game.

  • If your question is accepted, it will become part of the pool of questions open to all users and you will receive a special prize!


  • Each question in the Master of City quiz game contains a related trivia item for more information.
  • The vast majority of the trivia questions contain pictures, music or videos related to the question. These allow you to explore the question in more depth and make the form of presentation of the information much more interesting.
  • For example, for each question in all art galleries, you can see a picture of the work of art to which the question relates.

Individual Adjustment

  • If you are particularly interested in music, film, literature or good food, the thematic routes in the Master of City app allow you to explore cities according to what you like best!
  • Thematic routes involve selecting all the questions in a city related to your chosen category.
  • In some cities, there are themed routes that are specific to that place, such as the Harry Potter route or The Rolling Stones route in London or the Comic Book Heroes route in New York.

Language Learning

  • Master of City is a game that allows you to learn foreign languages while playing and gaining knowledge about cities.
  • The app’s settings include the option to display questions, answers and trivia in two selected languages at once.
  • The game is available in all the languages associated with the cities available in the game, so you can not only learn more about your chosen place, but also its language!

Family Entertainment

  • The questions in Master of City are adapted to 3 age groups: 7 +, 11 +, 15 +.
  • People of different ages can enjoy playing together answering questions tailored to each player’s age group.
  • This makes Master of City great fun for the whole family.
  • Even 7-year-old children can be little travellers and explore the world together with their parents!


  • You can play the Master of City quiz game alone or compete with friends.
  • The maximum number of players for both the board game and the app is 6.
  • By competing with other players, learning about the city will give you an extra dose of excitement as well as fun!


  • The concept of the Master of City game is to answer questions so that you will be 100% involved in discovering the city.
  • Reading and listening are passive methods of acquiring knowledge. Answering questions, on the other hand, makes you concentrate and think. It also evokes more emotion.
  • It makes you remember the information for longer and have fun at the same time!